Dramatic Reds

There’s nothing like reds to warm your soul. Deep and exotic, energetic and confident, choose reds to create a dramatic welcoming home.

Rustic Browns

A timeless favourite that evokes nostalgic images of days gone by. Warm and inviting, Rustic Browns are the perfect choice to create a restful home environment.

Rich Creams

Fundamentally stylish, uniting comforts with fashion, Rich Creams are the new white and create homes of natural elegance.

Golden Tans

Fill your world with sunshine. Golden Tans infuse your home with natural warmth and create welcoming and joyful surroundings.

New Naturals

Neutral brick colours with strong environmental overtones. Choose New Naturals to build a home in harmony with the world around you.

Silver Greys

A versatile collection that gives new meaning to sophistication. Choose Silver Greys for a home of innovation and distinction that is dignified, deliberate, powerful and disciplined.